Conditional formatting for multiple cells with a corresponding columns

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Hi all,


I was wondering if anyone can help with a conditional formatting. I'm trying to apply conditional formatting for the header (row 1) if the value of the column is greater than zero. For example below, it would only highlight Header 4 cell because in total it adds up to 0. I used the formula ("sum(B1:B6)>0") successfully but it didn't copy paste well on the other columns. I also tried removing the $ sign as well but that didn't work. Unfortunately I'm dealing with dozens of columns, so wondering if there's a quick formula/rule to do this?


 Header 1Header 2Header 3Header 4Header 5
Max1 1 1
Bob 11  
Ingrid1   1
Maxine    1
Simon 1  1



Thanks in advance!

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What if you clcik on the existing rule in your first column and expand the range to all your other columns? Normally the formula should adpt then.
The problem is, it's still picking up the original rule of just looking at B2:B6. I was hoping the header will only look at the corresponding column. For example, Header 2 will only look at column C, Header 3 column D...etc. Sorry I can try attach an illustration but not quite sure how to do that.
Whoops! Sorry I see what you mean. That worked! Thanks so much!