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Hi All,


  1. I have data in excel Column which looks good but when i match that with a different excel with exactly same data it doesn't match.
  2. When i paste the data in notepad i observe that the data in excel which looks clean in excel it has "" and extra line. s per below screenshot
  3. In excel it looks as amit_jha88_1-1660404907649.png


  4. when Column D data is pasted in Notepad it looks as amit_jha88_2-1660404942418.png


  5. Kindly help me clean data of Colum D from "Acc/CR/1142172919/pj/okax/ns094
    to Acc/CR/1142172919/pj/okax/ns094.
  6. I need to remove double quotes at start and end and an extra line


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Find and replace perhaps? (The looking glass icon on your Excel ribbon's Home tab, on the far right)