Change the width of the worksheet name down in the bottom

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This regards Excel om Mac. 

We are using worksheets for dates per each month, to keep our statistics. 

The problem is that the width of the worksheet name is so wide, even though it's just a number you could fill in much more. And it's complicated to scroll to other dates. 

I would love for it to be auto-fitted, or to be able to set another width as standard. 

This was easy when we used PC, but now it seems impossible. 

I attach a screen picture so that you can se my problem, I want to tighten them up. 

Skärmavbild 2022-08-12 kl. 09.17.41.png



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The minimum width is not adjustable. To make a suggestion that it autosize smaller use the Menu Bar and choose Help > Feedback > I Have a Suggestion