Cell to Display value "C" or "NC" base on % of data range

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Fairly new to using excel formulas and could use a hand i am trying to Display a value ("C" or "NC") in cell C5 based on the percentage of "RT" or "NC" from cells D5-K5. Yellow(blank) cells are irrelevant to the equation

Im looking have the "Overall score" column update as data is entered and this would be a very large time saver.Data rangeData range

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Can you tell us how we decide whether to return C or NC? "based on the percentage of" is rather vague...

@Hans Vogelaar 


Hi thanks for the response , id like to display "NonCompliant" or "Compliant" based on the percent of "RT" and "NC" cells per row.

I am currently using the following formula temporarily. 



After giving some extra thought to the process, i think i need work out what has the highest Percentage of the entire row and display that in the Box. 





I'd say your current formula does what you want.