Cause the row to cycle between to fill colors based on the content of a cell

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I am using Office 365 locally installed.

I want to format a row based on the contents of one cell. The twist is that I would like the fill color to alternate between 2 colors repeatedly for a given time.

The plan is that when incorrect data is detected, the row "Flashes" and gets the user's attention.

I know I can use conditional formatting to change the color once, that's not what I want. It needs to cycle the colors.

For example, If I have data in a3-d3, If d3="ERROR SEEK ASSISTANCE", then trigger alternating colors.


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You can apply the rule for conditional formatting for two different ranges and formats.


These are the ranges the format applies to in the example.

conditional format.JPG


Ok, I didn't explain that very well. Let me try again.

I am trying to get the entire row to change colors, then a moment later, the entire row should change to another color. This should repeat for a predetermined amount of time, then stop cycling.

In effect, it should flash (Blink?) red then yellow then red then yellow and so on.

Is this possible?

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Unfortunately i didn't understand what you want to do when i first replied. Alternating change of colors for a certain time can be done only with VBA not with formulas.

VBA is acceptable. Can you provide a sample of the needed code or point me to somewhere I can learn how this would be done in VBA?


Here is a link to VBA code which should do what you are looking for.

Make a Cell Blink | Microsoft Learn

well that never appeared in any of my searches. Thank you so much. I will try it out later today.