Calculating Total Commission Payout

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Hi, everyone!


I have been working on fleshing out the internal payout organizational structures for our sales team's commission and am running into a bit of a roadblock here.


The goal is the add the total amount of commission accrued based 50% on Installation and 50% on Activation  using the spreadsheet we've developed. So far the sheet is working fantastically, however we consistently need to manually add up the commission values for each month up until the payout date which can be quite time consuming.


If anyone knows how to create a formula in such a way that if we type in the payout date it calculates automatically for all previous dates (not including those who have yet to install and potentially including a checkbox toggle which if on means the customer has an extended trial period that we may need to come back to)


I'd greatly appreciate any assistance here. I've included a screenshot of our spreadsheet not including merchants names and contacts to protect privacy.


For reference, here is the code I currently have: =INDEX(M5:M50,MATCH(1,IF(A5:A50>B61,IF(A5:A50<B62,1)),0))

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Here is a simple example:

To automate the calculation of commission payout based on a specified payout date, including a checkbox to consider extended trial periods and calculate for all previous dates, you can use Excel formulas and structured tables. Here is a step-by-step guide:

Assuming you have the following columns:

  • Column A: Date
  • Column B: Installation Amount
  • Column C: Activation Amount
  • Column D: Extended Trial Checkbox (TRUE/FALSE)
  • Column E: Payout Date (where you'll type the payout date)
  • Column F: Commission Payout

Here is how you can create a formula in Column F to calculate the commission payout:

=SUMIFS(B$2:B2, A$2:A2, "<="&E2, D$2:D2, TRUE) * 0.5 + SUMIFS(C$2:C2, A$2:A2, "<="&E2) * 0.5

  • Place this formula in cell F2 (assuming your data starts from row 2).
  • Drag the fill handle (the small square at the bottom-right corner of the cell) down to auto-fill the formula for all rows where you have data.


  • SUMIFS(B$2:B2, A$2:A2, "<="&E2, D$2:D2, TRUE) calculates the sum of Installation Amounts (B$2:B2) for rows where the date is less than or equal to the payout date (E2) and the Extended Trial Checkbox is TRUE (D$2:D2). This represents 50% of the commission.
  • SUMIFS(C$2:C2, A$2:A2, "<="&E2) calculates the sum of Activation Amounts (C$2:C2) for the same criteria. This also represents 50% of the commission.
  • The formula automatically adjusts the ranges as you drag it down, so it calculates the cumulative commission payout for each row based on the specified payout date and extended trial checkbox.

Now, when you type the payout date in cell E2, the commission payouts in column F will be calculated automatically for all previous dates, taking into account the extended trial checkbox.

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Hope this will help you.