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Which program would be best for building a work schedule for employees to bid on? We have 30 employees and we are an operational team that works 24/7 on three different shifts. First shift is 0600-1400, 1400-2200 and 2200-0600. Our goal is to have a minimum of five employees working the 0600-1400 shift, seven employees working the 1400-2200 shift and five employees working 2200-0600. We are open to having a schedule with set days off or working a 6 on 3 off schedule with different days off. what is the easiest way to achieve this goal of mine?  Is there an easy to make the schedule the best possible? 

Thank you all for all the help.


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There are many programs to use, only Microsoft has so much to offer in its quiver.

I'm sure there are possible software solutions like sand on the sea.

You should only have precise specifications and look for them.

Because all programs are good from the start, but not all of them fit the needs of the respective company.

Here are some possibilities with Microsoft software that come to mind right now.


Excel is a powerful spreadsheet program that can be used to create custom schedules and manage employee work hours. You can create a spreadsheet with columns for employee names, shift preferences, availability, and other relevant information. Excel also has built-in functions and formulas that can help you calculate staffing levels, total hours worked, and other important metrics.


Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform that includes a Shifts feature for scheduling employees. You can create shifts and assign them to employees, and view the schedule in a calendar format. Teams also includes features such as automatic shift reminders and the ability to request time off or swap shifts.


Power Automate includes templates for common scheduling tasks, such as creating a recurring schedule or sending reminders to employees about upcoming shifts. You can also create custom workflows that integrate with other Microsoft apps, such as Outlook, Excel, or Teams, to streamline the scheduling process and improve efficiency.


Another Microsoft program that can be useful for scheduling employees is Project. Project is a project management software that includes scheduling tools for managing resources, including employees. You can create a project plan that includes tasks, timelines, and resource assignments, and then use the scheduling tools to assign employees to specific tasks and track their progress.


With Shifts, you can create shifts and assign them to employees, and view the schedule in a calendar format. You can also set up automatic notifications to remind employees about upcoming shifts or changes to the schedule.

Shifts also allows employees to request time off or swap shifts with their colleagues, which can help to improve flexibility and reduce the workload for managers.

Overall, Microsoft Shifts is a useful tool for managing employee schedules within the Teams app, and can help to streamline the scheduling process and improve communication between managers and employees.


Like Excel, Teams, and Power Automate, Project, Shift has its own strengths and limitations when it comes to scheduling employees. It's important to choose the program that best meets your team's needs and requirements for scheduling and resource management.


Hope this information is of some help to you.