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Hi everyone,

I am fairly new to Excel formulas and could use your help.  Here is an example of my data I am working with:

Owner 1Owner 2Owner 3Owner 4Owner 5Owner 6Owner 7


I would like to add a column H that formulates the Owner by checking for a value in A, B, C, D, E, F or G. It would look like this:

Owner 1Owner 2Owner 3Owner 4Owner 5Owner 6Owner 7Account Owner
Lawrence      Lawrence
     Shari Shari
  Bernard    Bernard
   Kristen   Kristen
 Brooke     Brooke
    Maitane  Maitane


There is only ever one name in each row (record).

Any thoughts on what this formula would look like?

If A2 has a value, populate that value. If it is blank, populate with the value in B2. If B2 is blank, populate with what is in C2, and so on.



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In H2:


Fill down.

Amazing, thank you! I was overthinking it