Am looking to "merge" two excel spreadsheets

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I have two spreadsheets.  The one thing they both have in common is they both have:

Lastname and Firstname 


But only one has Telephone and email addresses.  And of course, some of them are missing names.


I would like to bring over the contact info fields.  Is there a formula to do this?





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Google XLookup or Vlookup

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I believe XLOOKUP will help you achieve what are you looking for.


Please, follow the link below for more information.

XLookuo seems right. But how can I search 2 columns i the 1st field (first and,last name)?
Add a new column to the end of both sets of data and type =A2&B2. Replace cell references to match your data. Then use the new column as your lookup reference.
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It's not necessary to add helper columns, that could be like

  Lastname & "=" & Firstname,
  LastnameColumn & "=" & FirstnameColumn,
  "no phone"