Add Text Before a Formula

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Good Morning all, Excel amateur here again in need of some help.


I'm trying to add this text Account Number:

before this formula,

=”'Employer Summary'!B6


B6 is the account number on another sheet. Could someone please show me the formula for this?


Thanks in advance

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It's absolutely easy as follows:

="Account Number: "&'Employer Summary'!B6


All you need is to put the text in double-quotes and join it to the formula using the ampersand operator &.


Hope that helps

HI there@Haytham Amairah  

I would like to do a similar function however i want the text as following.


i would like it to show the text and not FALS



Result (FALS)


@profast That would be:

="Dear "&C7


Similar query here. I'm trying to use this formula but the value I'm trying to capture is a percentage. When I user the formula it gives the percentage in decimals instead of %.


I want this to say "Brokerage 3.5%" but it comes up with "Brokerage 0.035". Is there a way to show it as it's % equivalent? I've tried formatting as percentage but no luck.

@neilkeenan That would be:

="Brokerage "&Text(L2,"0.0%")

Perfect. Thanks


Another option is to apply custom number format to the cell


which keeps in the cell number formatter as above, not text.