A-Z sort not working

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I'm in Windows 10, Office 365.  I have a multi tab spread sheet & copied a specific column from 5 of the tabs into a new tab & am trying to sort it A-Z.  It will sort the info from the 1st 4 tabs, but does NOT sort the info from the 5th tab in with the others.  I have tried the following: 

  • checked that there weren't any leading spaces
  • removed all fill/color coding
  • =CLEAN formula
  • pasted the info that wouldn't sort into the middle of the info that was sorting

Ultimately, I would like it to sort A-Z with color coding  so I can see if a group name is showing on one or more tabs. (there is probably a more smarty pants way to do this....maybe a pivot of some sort but I'm not skilled with those yet)


Any input would be appreciated  

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