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This week, not one or two but several Excel MVPs and experts around the world came together to create this Excel Tips by the Experts course to raise funds for GOAL and their Covid-19 relief efforts.  In an open letter, Paula Guilfoyle, theexcelclub.com, shared how she went from concept to reality,


“It was only a month ago I had an idea.  Wouldn’t it be nice to use this time in lock down to do something positive? People seem to be taking more online courses with their extra time, so why not create one to raise money for COVID relief.  Looking at the news and seeing how developed countries are dealing with things, I could only imagine how the developing world is going to cope.  And so was born the idea.  A global course for a global problem.”


Read more of Paula’s open letter >



Summary of the Excel Tips by the Experts course, Paula describes:

  • 25+ lessons across 4 sections – delivered in style from 25+ world Excel experts
  • Tips and tricks for every Excel user, no matter what your skill level – General level Excel Tips, Advanced level excel tips, Charting and Dashboard tips and finally Power Tool tips
  • Workbooks to download to help you practice as you go

Course enrollment open May 5 – 19


Learn more about the Excel Tips by the Experts course >



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