Where is the extended stable V94?

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Since almost 1 week V95 ist out with security fixes. Since last week i wait for a published extended stable V94 to download including this security fixes. But guess what. Nothing to download so far in Download Microsoft Edge for Business - Microsoft. 

Long ago the extended stable channel was announced. Am i now stucked in security hell with dangerous delays if i stay extended stable v94?

Ist Microsoft just sleeping?


Even no release notes like for stable (Microsoft Edge release notes for Stable Channel | Microsoft Docs) or beta are published 

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@Joachim_T Hello - Microsoft Edge Extended Stable v94.0.992.57 was released today.  Microsoft Update Catalog


Also, thank you for your feedback about Release Notes.  It is on our roadmap and we are working on having something available for Extended Stable. 



@Kelly_YHello- Thanx for information. But i already started the packaging and rollout process for stable V95 because i couldnt wait longer with fixing our environment. The delay for publishing extended stable was much to big for an safe enterprise environment like ours. I hope this will change. I can't go through a regression test every 4 weeks. even 6 weeks was and 8 weeks still is a tough challenge for us.