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Good Morning/Afternoon All,

I have a question about IE Explorer Mode and it may have already been addressed, but I honestly couldn't find a definitive answer. 



I have a legacy webapp that still requires us to run in IE compatibility mode for it to render correctly but we have a group of people that need to access it outside of our intranet. This means that for these users we would not have been able to setup policies that would trigger compatibility mode on the specific site.



Is there a way for us to let edge know it should run in IE mode, from the webapp itself? Similar to how the deprecated " X-UA-Compatibility Meta Tag" instructed IE to run in a specific compatibility mode.

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@Csepu Hello!  If the devices are not managed here is the instructions for IE mode:


Also, if they navigate to edge://settings/defaultBrowser the site can be added to a local list that will open in IE mode for 30 days.  








@Kelly_Y Thank you for the info!! 

Is there a way we could accomplish this without individual user settings and more so that the webpage does it for the user automatically?

@Csepu Hello!  Currently I do not know of a way for the site to do it automatically.  


If you haven't had a chance yet,  you can also submit feedback through the browser for this feature request.  ("..." menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback)





@Kelly_Y Thank you for the response!