Edge for Linux(beta) crashed on my Fedora34

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I installed Fedora 34 workstation on my laptop and PC. I really liked Edge so I installed Edge for Linux(beta) on both of them. 

However, I found that if ethernet is unpluged and no wifi connected, edge for Linux(beta) will crash.  I've updated all softwares and the crash keeps happening. The latest version I installed using dnf is 91.0.864.41. 

After running in bash, I found that segmentation fault occurs becasue the software failed to run InitializeSandbox() I've setted google as my search engine and the browser tries to resolve the host name. But since the network is disconnected, the dns query certainly failed and it seems that in this build, the code doesn't take it into consideration and finally results in Segmentation fault.



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@mqlhaha Thanks for reaching out!  I'm checking with the team if this is a known issue.  


If you haven't had a chance yet, can you also please submit diagnostic data through the browser? ("..." menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback)


We'll follow up once we get some information from the team.  



Hello Kelly. Thanks for your reply. I've sent feedback according to your advice.
By the way, I found an error in my original description. Segmentation fault occurs because I setted google as the default website to open when the browser starts, instead of setting google as my search engine.
I'm sorry for the mistake.

@mqlhaha Great!  Thanks for the clarification and I believe I've also found your feedback.  I'll pass along to the team.  



Hi, In settings > system and performance disable "use hardware acceleration when available", this works for me.