New MS Edge sync with work account not working

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Having issues getting Edge to sync with my "Work" account.  Tried signing out and back in numerous times, getting the "Sync isn't available right now" message.  This is a personal work account for my email domian, using O365 Business Essentials licensing, so not really a business support issue, but the general Edge support refused to help since they consider this business support.  Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated before I scrap the Edge browser completely.  I did add Azure AD P1 to my account per one article I had found stating that was a requirement, but still no luck.

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Just discovered the same thing. My business account is personal.

@bc_FWMS The pre-reqs on that page now include M365 Business Premium, which I have, but in New Edge when on my Work profile, it still says that sync is not available.


It's all very confusing. I just want syncing to happen for my Work account just like it works for my personal MS account.


@Jeff Parker I would be patient because that is new; the docs show that they were updated only 10 days ago. I will cross my fingers and hope the include Microsoft 365 Business Standard in the near future.

pay pay pay... smh

I have the same problem , how to resolve it .