Bookmarks and Password synchronization issue in Edge with O365 E1 Accounts

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Hello team, 

Recently I encountered an issue of Bookmarks and Passwords synchronization across the devices.

  • In past my work account was with Google and we were able to login to GChrome in both laptop and mobile devices. All the bookmarks and passwords synchronized seamlessly across the devices.
  • Now the organization switched our accounts to MS O365 E1 licensed account (which is, of course, a great thing !!) and switch browser from GChrome to Chromium based MS Edge.
  • The problem starts here. With my O365 E1 work office account, I am able to login in to the O365, Outlook and Edge. But the synchronization of book marks and password does not work !!.
  • I suspect the issue is that O365 E1 accounts can access the Edge sign in but this type of account can not access the Microsoft sync servers (refer to the screenshot attached). This breaks the synchronization across the devices.
  • Contrary to this sync across the devices works seamlessly with personal accounts.
  • I believe problem here is that O365 E1 work accounts can not access the Microsoft sync servers (and also !!) while accounts opened directly in can access all the services.
  • Bookmarks and passwords synchronization across the devices is a very important feature for any working professional. I would like to request the team at Microsoft to allow O365 E1 accounts to access the Microsoft sync servers to enable bookmarks and passwords synchronization across the devices.

Has any one have solution to this problem please let me know.

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@Jaradi the requirements for Edge to sync are:

So you need at least a E3 license in place, you will miss Teams in this license. If you want to work from home efficiently you would want that to, and then you need a E5.



I have run into this same issue.


The browser says it is stuck on "setting up sync" and as soon as I switch to E3 it works.


I have already read the documentation where E1 is not listed for sync support. My question for Microsoft is why not? It makes no sense that free Microsoft accounts can sync but when I pay for an account I cannot.

This is indeed a crazy move, I have many clients with Microsoft 365 Business Essentials and Microsoft 365 Business Standard that cannot sync (enterprise sync), I have seen others talking about creating personal MSA for these type of users just so they cdan sync browser data whihc sounds like a nightmare to me. Please consider bringing enterpise sync to all org accounts that have a paid license assigned.