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Hi All,


With the release of Edge Beta, I am looking to start piloting Edge in our environment.  In the current Beta, I don't see a way to make Edge Beta the default browser via a property in the .msi(we would be deploying it via SCCM), nor is there a way to disable/remove the current version of Edge.  Will this be something that will be available in later Beta's or in the Final release?

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@RazaanKhoja We are working on documenting the flow to set Edge Beta as default browser for Windows 10 this week and will provide an update once it is available.


In the meantime, here's information on using DISM to set default app associations on Windows 10 -

@Shilpa_Subramanian @RazaanKhoja the DISM-Method only works for fresh/new User-Profiles, not for already existing UserProfiles. Configuring Default-Applications is a sad story in Win10.


But: There is a really cool tool out there, named "SetUserFTA" and "SetDefaultBrowser", it's provided by Christoph Kolbicz - using this Information you can bing it easily :)


you likely want to execute:
SetDefaultBrowser.exe HKLM "Microsoft Edge Beta"


or modify just single protocols like:
SetUserFTA.exe http, MSEdgeBHTML
SetUserFTA.exe https, MSEdgeBHTML
SetUserFTA.exe .htm, MSEdgeBHTML
SetUserFTA.exe .html, MSEdgeBHTML