Edge policy template update versioning.

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We like to use the latest Edge stable version. So, new versions appear regularly, how do I keep up with all the changes in the policies every time a new release is done. I don't want to end up with orphaned settings after a while or settings which are no longer relevant or even supported as assumed.


In short, a recommended upgrade path and procedure without too much copy/pasting or at all. For example, I configured v88 not long ago and now v90 is out. What's the best way to replace/upgrade/change the GPO that comes along with it?




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@JohnJ101 Hello!  There are various options available for configuring and managing Microsoft Edge policies.  For example: Microsoft Intune or Mobile Device Management.


I wanted to mention the Microsoft App Assure team, which can work with you and help with deployment including configuring policies.


Please see the following for more information: 





We just update the Domain ADMX every time we do Windows which is usually 2x a year.

There are "new" settings added to the ADMX but old settings don't get removed. Therefore if we don't need the new settings the old ADMX works just fine.

Note we have about 50,000 computers on Edge running on Windows 7 (still yes in Health) and Windows 10 and it works fine.
Thank you for the reply, atm we are in a transition (like always) to Azure and Intune is definitely on the list. First M365 though and picking the right license. For now, i guess, it's a manual job.

Each Release gets it "Release Notes" Headline on following Website:

Just scroll through. Each Release has a "New policies" and an "Obsoleted policies" Headline, some have an additional "Deprecated Policies" section. It just takes some Minutes to find out what has changed between a bunch of releases and if this leads to an adoption of your policies or not.