Edge Dev won't load any pages

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I've been using Edge Dev as my daily driver for almost 3 months. I've returned from holidays and now nothing will load (I'm using GChrome to type this up!).

Any URL or PDF file just gives a "This page is having a problem, try coming back to it later" (even the edge:// pages)

I've uninstalled the version, deleted the User Data folder and re-installed the latest version but still no joy.


I spoke with Gabriel P, and, because it's a domain joined machine with Symantec Endpoint Protection he referred me here.


How can I help you out here? Developer, so comfortable taking memory dumps etc.

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The beta channel install works, just not the dev one. Using this instead as some Edge is better than no Edge ;) It'd be nice to know a reason for it though
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Hi @Derek Noonan, there was another thread with people discussing a very similar issue.  It appears that it might have something to do with the Symantec Endpoint Protection plug-in that you are using.  You can read how the other Insiders are dealing with this here:

Thanks - Elliot

@Elliot Kirk Many thanks for your response. I will try the approaches outlined in the linked post tomorrow and leave another reply.

@Derek Noonan  @Elliot Kirk 


Alright so the --disable-features=RendererCodeIntegrity switch works. Two questions out of this:


1. What changed within Edge that caused this negative interaction with SEP, and will it be tracked and fixed for release?


2. How do you know what switches are pertinent to a given issue? I found the full list of Chrome switches but maddeningly permitted options for (kDisableFeatures | kEnableFeatures) are not easy to find. In it just says that they're a comma-separated list of feature names to enable or disable