Edge Chromium Icon in taskbar


We install the Edge Chromium during the OSD Tasksequence via SCCM.

After log in, we have a Edge Icon in the Taskbar.

In our startmenu.xml layout file there is no entry for this.

The shortcut is placed in %appdata%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\User Pinned\TaskBar.

How we can prevent the creation of the taskbar icon?

We use the stable channel 80.0.361.62.


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Thanks a lot! It works!

I use


 But after open Edge at the first time the icon get pinned with the parameter --profile-directory=DEFAULT


Do you know how i can prevent, may?



i didnt test it myself yet. just read the thread i linked. unfortunatly i dont have a solution for you yet.




I have added the other lines too, but still the same problem. :sad:



most of the master_preferences options are for new userprofiles only. did you try it with a new windows user profile also? Delete complete %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge and see if it works.


After the os deployment this is my first login so it is a new profile.

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With this settings in the master_preferences file, there is no more icon in the taskbar.




I found it still pins the icon after the user runs Edge for the first time, which I still don't like. Let the user pin it if they want it.


I submitted feedback that feature wasn't working, along with it not honoring the home page setting in the master_preferences file. It also crashed Edge on first run if I set:




I got an email reply saying they "fixed an issue" relating to the feedback which will be included in a future update. I don't know if they fixed everything I reported or just selected items, but I'll be keeping an eye out on future versions.

@Steve Jones 

I know nothing has happened in this thread for a while. Our organization just started testing Edge Chromium and I have pulled my hair out in the past few days. When installing the latest MSI Enterprise (version 85) it creates a shortcut on the taskbar when running Edge for the first time (except for existing profiles).


The MSI file now supports the parameter DONOTCREATETASKBARSHORTCUT. Setting this to true writes the value "do_not_create_taskbar_shortcut":true into the master_preferences file. This however makes no difference, it still creates a shortcut on the taskbar after starting Edge for the first time. I also tried "do_not_create_quick_launch_shortcut":true as this is what is supported for Chrome in Windows 10, the other value is for Windows 8 and below. Still no luck.


I eventually, grabbing for anything, went back and tested version 83. Now everything works as expected! Then I ran an update of Edge from within Help-->About and it updated to version 86. Now the problem is back, a shortcut is once again created...

To add insult to injury it also automatically logged me in with my AD domain account after restarting Edge on version 86, even though we have a GPO to disable this behavior.


The only way I can have Edge to behave as expected is to install version 83 and then disable the update function via GPO for now, and hope a future release will start working as expected again.


Does anyone have any ideas what to do otherwise?


We see the same behavior in combination with startmenu xml.

I have created a new post maybe somebody could help.