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I have been rolling out Edge throughout our company for the last 2 months with the vision that we could consolidate to one browser and forgo browsers like IE and Chrome. However, some of our sites are still running features in SharePoint 2010 that only work in IE. We are actively moving everything to Sharepoint 2016 but I fear that may not be enough. I will lay this out in a Need Action Result Format to help identify the problem.
Need: We wanted to make sure that on our SharePoint site we ran the URL in Compatability mode so that we could keep functions where a file opens up in InfoPath. 
Action: We added the specific root URL to the Enterprise site list and set it to open in IE 11, redirect mode false, standalone browser false, and compat mode default. In times past this has allowed older sites to operate in edge.
Results: This does indeed bring the site to operate semi-close to how it was in IE but it could still not recognize infopath. This put me back to the drawing board
Action: We added the specific root URL to the Enterprise site list and set it to open in IE 11, redirect mode true, standalone browser true, and compat mode default. 
Result: This is a less elegant solution as it opens up a completely new tab however it restored the rest of the functionality needed where documents opened up in infopath based on a link. 
Bug: There was one caveat to the solution. When someone received a link that navigates in that root URL in an email from outside the browser it would not open up the link in compatibility mode thus circumventing that policy we had set.
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I believe you are referring to SharePoint 2007 and its support already ended, take a look at Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 - Microsoft Lifecycle | Microsoft Docs

I recommend report this issue through Feedback option in Microsoft Edge.

I have edited the post to represent the proper version which is 2010. The original statement was a typo. Thanks

@hondocubansanchez Hello - Can you share what version of MS Edge you are using?  Does the issue reproduce consistently for multiple users?  Will it reproduce after the browser is restarted?  I do see a known issue where links that should open in IE Mode open in MS Edge due to limited memory.  If the issue still occurs after the browser is restarted then it sounds like a different issue.


Like @Reza_Ameri-Archived mentioned, if you haven't had a chance yet, can you also please submit diagnostic data through the browser? ("..." menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback)  Thanks! 



@hondocubansanchez To follow up, if you are still having an issue with IE Mode another option would be to File a customer support request.  You should be able to work with them directly to investigate/resolve your specific issue as it will probably be necessary for you to share logs that might contain sensitive information/PII.  



@hondocubansanchez if you find a solution let us know :) i think we all are waiting for some sharepoint support or proper solution ^^