Edge Browser don´t save Passwords to profile.pb

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hi, I have the following problem: I have activated the settings for the roaming profile in the GPOs for Edge so that the profile.db file is stored on our file server for each user. Everything works fine, but unfortunately no passwords are saved in this profile file, so that the user has access to his passwords everywhere, no matter which computer he logs on to.

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@andib999 Hello!  Welcome to the Tech Community!  


Are you trying to set up On-premises sync for Active Directory (AD) users ?  If so, it is currently able to roam favorites and settings, not passwords.  I can definitely pass on your feedback to our Sync team!  Or if I've misinterpreted your question please let me know.  Thanks!




Hi Kelly, yes this was my question. In google Chrome this function works fine. The profile.pb contains also the passwords and other user data. 


unfortunately it's only half the story. 

@andib999 Hi - I've reached out to the Sync Team with your feedback and this is something they are investigating!  We can let you know if there are any updates in this area. 


Did you have other concerns?  Thanks!