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I'm posting here under request by a Moderator, sorry for my English.


I need to launch Edge from a shortcut, opening a web page in Internet Explorer mode (not having to reload it manually from the menu).

The shortcut should contain also the site address.


My Edge is already enabled to relaoad pages in IE Mode. 


Thank you!

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@Marcello_L2355 Hi!  Thanks for reaching out!  Just to confirm, are you reaching out for an enterprise organization?  Have you set up IE mode using the Enterprise Mode Site List?  Here is our documentation for enterprises:


You mentioned having to reload a site from the menu to load in IE mode, which is normally the instructions for consumer devices.  





i'm working for a public authority (a "Comune" as we call it in Italy) and need to run an important management program (in Cloud) in internet explorer due to software architecture itself, which is optimized for IE.


Knowing IE will be disabled in the future I'm trying to be prepared...

@Marcello_L2355 To clarify, is the program that needs Internet Explorer used only internally within your organization?  If so, have you tried following the instructions to set up IE mode for your managed computers?  


Or is the program being accessed by end users using consumer devices and you are trying to load it for them in IE mode automatically?  


I'm not sure if it is possible to launch MS Edge and force a website to open in IE mode using just a command line but if you can provide more information about your scenario, I can check with the team.   Thanks! 



@Kelly_Y I think they are looking for a way to tell Edge to open a shortcut or favorite in IE mode.  I know that's why I'm here.  I know I can click the shortcut, ALT-F, More Tools, Reload in Internet Explorer, but that's 4 clicks.  Even a group policy or registry setting for that specific URL would be helpful.  Whatever you can provide that reduces the number of clicks.  


Personally, I'm using an old WebComponent plug-in for my surveillance cameras that only works in IE mode.  I know this legacy stuff will only work for so long, so I appreciate the IE mode, just want to get to it easier.



@AtomicInternet Hello!  Yes, you are correct.  Currently if you are on a personal device those are the steps to load a site in IE mode (Internet Explorer mode in Microsoft Edge - Office Support).  


There has been similar conversations on for users with Windows 10 Pro to set up IE mode on their machine using policy.  It is quite a long conversation but if you want to take a look here is a link to the thread: How do I force all sites I need in IE mode to open without the extra - Microsoft Community  Thanks! 





...that's exactly the point. Thank you!

@Marcello_L2355 @AtomicInternet Hello! Just to follow up, in MS Edge v92 there is a new policy that might help with IE mode.  Please see our documentation for the InternetExplorerIntegrationReloadInIEModeAllowed policy:





I need this too.  Due to technical limitations of how the suggested config and policy works (details below), the standard methods won't work for a specific situation we have.  I need to be able to create a shortcut to launch Edge browser and load a specific URL directly in IE mode.


The basics are that this URL goes through SSO authentication.  If it launches in regular Edge mode and authenticates, then switches to IE mode for the actual application, the SSO authentication doesn't pass over to IE mode.  I can't add the SSO URL to the IE mode list because it then forces all other apps that go through that same SSO URL to also launch in IE mode, which we can't have.

@CLHug Hi! Based upon your description, it sounds like cookie sharing might help in your scenario.  Please take a look at this documentation: Cookie sharing from Microsoft Edge to Internet Explorer | Microsoft Docs





THANK YOU! That might indeed to the trick. We will check it out.