When is it OK to send a Chat (IM)?

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Has anyone created something to show the correlation of someone's status (Available, Busy, In a Meeting, In a Call, DND, etc.) and whether or not it is OK to send them a Private Chat.  We are trying to provide some general best practices/etiquette to our users.  We are finding a wide range of opinions.  

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@Mark Sonntag In my own opinion, end-users should be able to send someone a message anytime (within business hours) to your colleagues, regardless of their status.  You don't want people waiting around for a colleague or manager's status to go from "busy" to "available" because that may never happen some days and this can be viewed as a waste of time.  I used to have to do this with Skype and I hated it ("offline" & "away" users wouldn't get messages because they disabled chat history).


It may be more helpful for end-users to (1) learn which statuses block incoming notifications, and (2) how to setup/customize their notifications from Teams. 


For context, we don't wait for someone to be at their desk before we call or email them.  Why would we wait to send them a text/IM?