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We have noticed that some training for MacOS is not available in Learning Pathways although it is available on Microsoft 365 training. For example this page on Microsoft Training includes a section of MacOS training for Outlook that is not in Learning Pathways. While Learning Pathways does include some assets that account for differences in MacOS (in Excel, Word and PowerPoint), we noticed that the following training does not account for MacOS differences: 


What is Outlook?
Create and send email
Create an email signature 
Send and Recieve Attachments
Recall or replace a sent email
Set-up auto-reply (out of office)
Search and filter email
Ignore email conversations
Clean up your inbox
Set categories, flags, reminders, or colors
Set up rules in Outlook
Create tasks and a to-do list in Outlook
Create appointments and meetings

One Drive

Restore your OneDrive
Turn on OneDrive Backup
Sync files with OneDrive Files on Demand


Does Microsoft have this MacOS training available in Learning Pathways and its just not enabled? If its not currently available in Learning Pathways, is this on the roadmap to add? 


Thank you! 

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@KateReilly Thank you for using learning pathways. I am one of maintainer of the Microsoft learning pathways repo. The assets in learning pathways are a curated subset of the data available on and Right now the content you are requesting isn't available in learning pathways as you noted. You could try to add that data as a custom asset and link to the page you referenced. I have also logged a feature request for the content team to review the request and see if it aligns with their direction. 


You can see the issue here.