Feedback needed: End user adoption and engagement for Microsoft 365 & Office 365

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Microsoft is looking for feedback from Microsoft 365/Office 365 Admins on end user adoption and engagement for Microsoft 365 + Office 365.


Join a 90-minute online group discussion and share key challenges in your role, end-user adoption and engagement practices, and preferred communications from Microsoft. Participants must live in the US, Japan or Western EU (not UK). A $100 honorarium for your participation will be given, which may be delivered to you or to a charity of your or our choosing. Click here to learn more!


Editor's note: Requirements updated on 5/30/2019

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Thank you for your interest and questions! This focus group has received its participants at this time, however this same team is looking for feedback on end user adoption & engagement with Microsoft 365 + Office 365 within a survey. If you have time to complete this survey by tomorrow, your input would be appreciated!

Hi Christine, thanks. I've already completed the survey from the link you kindly provide. Is there any sort of reward to stimulate our participation? Your kind response is appreciated.