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Your Adoption framework looks great but does Microsoft have any best practices on which roles are needed and approx how many FTEs it requires to run a successful adoption program? We are a multinational company with approx 35.000 employees where most of them are knowledge workers.

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While the actually number of people involved can change based on the size of the company, there's a fairly detailed overview of suggested stakeholders in the Adoption Guide


Direct link to the Stakeholder overview presentation:


Direct link to the Adoption Guide

That's a great concern. Often times we see that users need more than training materials; they need to be inspired to approach and adopt the technology. From my experience, when you're planning an adoption effort, it is important to have a view that extends past your initial launch. 


I like to think of Microsoft Adoption as a Program instead of a Project. Users don't know what they don't know. And that has a real cost associated to it.



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Hi Peter.. Just FYI this is not the adoption guide we are teaching from.  We have an enhanced version that was released at Ignite that will be public and through all the Microsoft channels starting November 1st.  

That sounds exciting Karuana, looking forward to getting my hands on that. Do you have a link to that announcement? Must have slipped through my Ignite filter :)

There are probably many ways you can approach this. My challenge now is that I need some ball park figures for creating a high level "budget" for the business adoption. It's OK with a first guesstimate as the details will be given in the scoping, once we get a green light to start. Concrete examples (best practices) of adoption setups from successful implementations would be a great help. Of course this has to be adapted to our specific needs but it is always great to have something to start from.

Hey Allan, if you just need some ballpark figures then take a look in the stakeholder deck I linked to :-).

Thanks, I will :)