Where to find the crash log and dump of Microsoft Edge?

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I'm using Edge Dev Version 87.0.658.0. There's time where Edge will crash for I don't know what reason so I will like to find out why and check if it fixable on my side or I just send the diagnostics log to the devs to check. 


I did check the event viewer to find out what is going wrong and some are attached but some can't be found. 


Devs or community ambassadors or the community at large, would you kindly tell me where to find them and I thanks you all. 

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Crashes are recorded and you can view them in here: edge://crashes/

I'm using Edge dev, this is the location i can find the crash dumps:
C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge Dev\User Data\Crashpad\reports

Each CrashID shown in Edge://crashes corresponds to each file name found in that directory.