Need explanation for this feature | Microsoft Defender SmartScreen Navigation Throttle

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Microsoft Defender SmartScreen Navigation Throttle

If enabled, Microsoft Defender SmartScreen will replace the current method of protecting against potentially harmful browser navigations.

Mac, Windows #edge-smartscreen-nav-throttle


The flag is in Edge Version 87.0.658.0 (Official build) dev (64-bit)


  • I want to know what is the current method of Edge protecting against potentially harmful browser navigations, if not using Microsoft Defender SmartScreen?
  • And also how is this possible on Mac that doesn't have Windows Defender?
  • Lastly, is that flag connected to this option in Edge settings?



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@HotCakeX In short, nothing changes in terms of user expectations or security.  The flag is more for controlling the code flow (just use code path 1 in place of code path 2) but the end-result is same.


Windows defender is not a pre-requisite for Edge's SmartScreen so it works on Mac too.