Website as Application: Launching form start menu should not open second instance


For most (admittedly not all) Windows applications, launching from the start menu when an instance is open already moves focus to the open app.


When a website is installed as an app (e.g. Twitter), this is not the case. Launching from the start menu always starts a new instance. While this may be desirable for e.g. Word, where the user might want to start a new document, for most websites it is unlikely to make sense.



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@wigster thanks for this feedback! I appreciate you using the feature and giving us feedback on it. 


This particular problem is really interesting. We get almost equal feedback that apps should singleton (meaning: launch a new instance) vs not (meaning: just move focus). We have this work in our backlog to leave it to the site/app developer to control this for their app, but that is a surprising amount of work, believe it or not. 


So, short answer is that we think this is a good idea that devs will likely want to take advantage of in some cases, but we are not going to be able to get to it in the very near future.