When Microsoft Edge version 84 will be released?

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I have build a free application that uses webview2 and it working fine. The problem is that it requires Microsoft Edge 84 ver or higher!! I know that there are other channels that has higher Microsoft Edge versions like Canary or Beta channels, but users are hesitating to install other than the stable official Microsoft Edge.


That way I'm asking, so please advice..



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@khalidalmannai 2 to 3 days after Google Chrome 84 has been released, probably tomorrow. (but no release date has been given)

@dmutsaersThis is a great news..Thanks


Version 84 just released, update your Edge browser.

Version 84.0.522.40 (Official build) (64-bit)



Microsoft Edge 84 released but  WebView2 is not working as promised!!!


For example CoreWebView2Ready never fired and WebView2 is showing nothing and it is throwing exception on resize!!


WebView2 is working fine when installing Canary.


Any help will be appreciated.