Syncing open tabs not working (stable, beta, dev)

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i like to use the chrome edge very much. I came across the function sync open tabs. I find it very interesting, because I use the edge on my android phone as well. But this function is deactivated in my settings. And I get the message that this function is "soon available". Is that really so ? Because while searching for information i already read that it works for others ( What am I doing wrong ? I have tried this in the current stable, beta and dev version.

In the android edge beta this option is also disabled.





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Well, I don't know which copy of Microsoft Edge does Mauro Huc from Pureinfotech has but I can confirm that it is still not yet available to any channel of Microsoft Edge right now because I am running Canary and Stable Channel and I also don't have this option available and also I have not heard any user talking about this feature enabled.

@__rs77__ I can confirm only Open Tab sync was available previously, not History sync. Afterwards we have not seen sync enabled for those two items till now.

@Rohit Yadav 

Ohh... I didn't know that because I joined the Edge Insider Program after some time of that blog post and that's why I am unaware of this happening. 

@TheShaunSaw Open tabs sync was available previously, just for few builds. There were some issues. And still we are waiting for sync for History and Open Tabs to go live.