SS28: selection to bookmarks + vivaldi example of what i reported you previously

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Suggestion (SS): 28 Classification: Bookmarks
PRIORITY IN MY OPINION: 4 on a scale from 1 (low) to 10 (high)

Here my idea i got after visiting a suggestion in vivaldi about add current tab to a folder (which is available for vivaldi and edge).

I tested it out and in edge is available, but creates problem, like


where you continuosly add it under ddd instead inside ddd. only 1 time you added it in ddd.

PS: is not the first time i see problems with other bookmarks, you should check if all functions really work correctly with other bookmarks.


Same if i do that



you should avoid to show me that



for the creation of folders.







i tried to select 3 tabs, and then do the same. is not possible.




third: i still think vivaldi add to bookmark option without right click is much better. please consider to implement it to edge too.




because we are talking about vivaldi, here other points i like

  1. edgesuggestions_0-1604484948287.png

    reload miniature (i suggested this to you only for bookmarks bar)

  2. edgesuggestions_1-1604484995952.pngedgesuggestions_0-1604485733775.png


    like i suggested you with shortcut for bookmarks and other things (i noticed only after sending you the suggestions, that vivaldi has already such option, but still limited compared to what i told you, which is much more complex)


  3. edgesuggestions_2-1604485051704.png


    this is similar to what i told you too, but vivaldi show us directly the webpage, is not a second bookmarks bar 

  4.  edgesuggestions_4-1604485106955.png

    ability to change default bookmarks bar. (NEW SUGGESTION, but less important, since i use different profile. it still remains cool)

  5. edgesuggestions_0-1604485193753.png

     same like i wrote you yesterday to remove things from the bar

  6. edgesuggestions_1-1604485251196.png

     position of new tab, like i suggested you

  7. edgesuggestions_1-1604485312295.png


    keep last tab open, like i suggested you
  8. a lot of option edgesuggestions_2-1604485342477.png

    like i suggested you (or better some things are not available in vivaldi too)

  9. edgesuggestions_1-1604485456973.png


    show me only icons inside bookmarks bar, full name in other bookmarks or when you hide url from bookmarks bar (like suggested). i still think a way to add personal customized folder color to bookmarks is usefull too
  10. edgesuggestions_3-1604485515388.png


    even if i don't really like to use shortcuts (via keyboard with crtl alt etc., not things like <ddd $dd) ... but i like how they do. 

  11. edgesuggestions_0-1604485563815.png


    trackpad gesture, like suggested
  12. edgesuggestions_0-1604485594938.png

     is much more clean

  13. edgesuggestions_1-1604485665670.png

    search always in new tab

  14. edgesuggestions_0-1604486510236.png (NEW SUGGESTION)
  15. ....

PS: until now i don't use vivaldi, because they create library folders problems. so i just use it as a normal second browser for quick searches. this is why maybe the list of good features is not complete. once devs fix such problem, i can send more vivaldi based suggestion too. i still think main points are now available in this post, a lot is already included in previous submitted suggestions.


Here even what i don't like

  1. edgesuggestions_1-1604486209757.png previews
  2. different colours for each tab
  3. ... other ...
  4. (yes, you can disable such things).


about the download suggestion, something like 


 where i can set "save to /user/ccc/applications" and then "save this website always in this folder" or "if /externaldrive/... is not available, use  /user/ccc/applications instead".


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