SS29: disable apple trackpad gestures

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Suggestion (SS): 29 Classification: APPLE 
PRIORITY IN MY OPINION: 8 on a scale from 1 (low) to 10 (high)

I already reported such problem to Apple different times in the last years, but they never fixed it. Please add (if possible) a way to disable trackpad gesture in edge for the video player. i don't want 

  • pause/start (not really a problem, but i generally do this via space)
  • return to second 0 (especially this... is so ** annoying)
  • change volume
  • faster slower
  • etc.

features at all when i use the trackpad. i need the trackpad for browsing, not to control videos, otherwise you/apple create only conflicts. 99% of the time they activate it, even if i don't need it. please disable such things inside the video if possible. obviously with an additional option, because probably other user need it... 


PS: now i think i submitted all suggestions that i forgot to do previously. wish you a good day. ciao

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