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I've just switched to Linux (which is Lubuntu), after a long time with Windows 10 to try new things.I used to use Chrome in my Linux because I don't think Edge Chromium supports it. One day, I heard the news that Edge dev supports it, I downloaded it.
My comments:
+ First, I can't sync with my Microsoft account. That's why I still have to use both Edge Chromium and Chrome. 



+ Second, it makes me suprised because of its speed! Much much faster than Chrome, btw.
+ Third, I don't know if this is an issue. The font on the address bar is very large, despite customizing the font. I hope that you can fix this issue




In conlusion, Edge Chromium is really good for me, as it can meet my demand, but not the syncing issue (: Also, I'm sorry about my English grammar, as I'm not an American or a British.


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@yellowdogvn  "First, I can't sync with my Microsoft account. That's why I still have to use both Edge Chromium and Chrome."


Microsoft has said that it plans to bring sync to Edge-Linux, but has not provided a timetable for that essential feature.  Without MSA sign-in and sync, Edge-Linux is more-or-less bling, not useful for end users.  But that's fair -- Edge-Linux at this point is intended for testing and use by developers, not end users.  MSA sign-in and Sync will probably be in place before a Stable version is released. 


At present Microsoft officially supports only Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and openSUSE distros, although Edge-Linux seems to install properly and work acceptably on Ubuntu flavors/derivatives (Lubuntu, Kubuntu, Ubuntu Budgie, Ubuntu Mate and so on).  Edge-Linux is not available for Arch-based distros or independents like Solus and Intel's Clear Linux. 


A Microsoft team member is reported to have said in a December podcast that support will be extended to additional distros after Stable is released, but Microsoft has given no timetable.  Many of us are hoping that Microsoft will issue a Snap or Flatpak version.


We will just have to be patient. 

Yeah the sync is very important, I'm positive that it's on their to do list but filing feedback and sharing your sentiments directly with the team using the feedback button on Edge would be very helpful, too :)
It's lucky that I'm going to move to Arch (: BTW, Edge-Linux is really great though it's dev version.

@yellowdogvn it is too bad that chromium sync with google services will be disabled this year (

@yellowdogvn  "It's lucky that I'm going to move to Arch (: BTW, Edge-Linux is really great though it's dev version."


I use Solus so I'm in the same boat, waiting to see if Microsoft decides to support Edge-Linux outside the Ubuntu/Debian/Fedora/openSUSE corporate/enterprise universe, and if so, how far.  Microsoft doesn't support WSL outside that universe, so I'm not optimistic that we will ever see native support for Arch-based or independent distros.  Snap is a Canonical initiative, though, and I've not given up hope that Microsoft will release a Snap at some point. 

I'll be honest,
I had to use Edge Dev for Linux on KDE and Gnome Ubuntu just because I suffered from a sophisticated attack that flashed the firmware of my UEFI Secure Boot TPM 2.0 Asus Skylake i7 Notebook using UBU, AMI tools and old Intel binaries editor.
I know this because, I guess why, they left their burglar tools in my OneDrive (sure that I was so dummy not to check and backup drivers, fake certificates, hidden partion and alterd GUID and NvME sectors plus all the rubbish that load at boot (30 ACPI and AHCI drivers among the net ones).
Microcode CPUs are of course rolled back to the one of 2009 and BIOS is locked (Speculative Execution attack Meltdown/Spectre alike used with a trickbot guided scripts to flash the flashable).
So, I must use the same tool to hex edit (unlock) the actual BIOS and restore the original one.
I'm preparing documents, binaries, screenshots, backups to fill a nice report to MSRC.
Sorry for this pre-amble.
For these reasons, I'm on linux distros and I'm incredibly surprised that Edge Dev (Ubuntu-Kubuntu) is the fastest and more stable browser among Google Dev, Nightly, and relative stable versions, perfectly synchronizing with my precious WIN World.
So, a great applause from Italy and thank you for your job. I'm on 106.0.1349.1.
Hopefully soon, back to Win 11 insider Dev edition.