send_event using high CPU

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Mac Big Sure 11.2.1

send_event use high CPU

with Edge closed no problem - Version 90.0.802.0 (Build ufficiale) Canary (64 bit)


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What's the problem?
also language doesn't seem to be English


Yes, I am Italian and my Mac is with Italian version of all programs.

The problem is Edge gets all the CPU!

I have already had assistance from Apple and the problem seems to be Edge.

@Vincenzo Annunziata   You might be able to get assistance from Microsoft Edge Support

Well I'm not so i don't understand what the picture says.

you can press Edge's (...) menu button => Help and feedback => send feedback

sending feedback through browser will send additional data that about your problem to the developers to fix it.

@Vincenzo Annunziata   You might try disabling Microsoft Defender SmartScreen and see if that resolves the issue.  If that does not help, disable your extensions, one by one, and see if an extension is creating the problem.


Microsoft says that it fixed the Microsoft Defender SmartScreen issue but I would not rule it out until you have tried disabling. 


Are you using the new M1, or an older Intel?  If the M1, are you running Edge under Rosetta or are you running it native?  If Rosetta, you might try installing the M1 version of Edge.



The problem is that the "send_event" process is not always active.

Since I closed it a few days ago, it hasn't appeared again.

I have to wait, as soon as it shows up again I try to disable Microsoft Defender SmartScreen and possibly the other extensions.


I have Big Sure 11.1.2 on Intel, not M1.
The version of Edge is 90.0.802.0 (Official Build) Canary (64 bit)


Thanks for your help



Wow, now, after an update of Edge, the process "send_event" appear at 98,6%

I have disabled Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, but the process is still active.

Only one extension to disable, but the process is still active 99%

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@Vincenzo Annunziata   "Wow!" is right.   It sounds like the most recent Canary builds have a bug.


I think that all you can do is to try to get support from Microsoft.   


Feedback is one option, individual support from Microsoft Edge Insider Support (see the link above) is another.  When I have a specific problem, I've not had good luck with Feedback (not much response), but I have had good luck with Microsoft Edge Insider Support.  I would do both, however, because Feedback goes to the developers and individual support goes to technical support.


You might also drop back to Stable and see if the problem exists in older builds.