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Hi pls exist list with security recommendation  ? I know exist, Microsoft Security Compliance Toolkit, but our vendor want some URL from M$ where is information about NativeMessaging. We want set Allow user-level native messaging hosts (installed without admin permissions): Disabled, but nativecomponent from vendor not want create instaler  to HKLM.... Thanx 

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Thank you.
I look but there is not information about native messaging. I know i can download toolkit and look to this, but vendor want direct information in the Microsoft pages


Hi @Marek_G,

there is also a security benchmark for Microsoft Edge published by CIS (Center for Internet Security).


Regarding the native messaging, this is a good read:

Maybe you also want check resources from Google since native messaging is a feature of chromium.


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Yeah that is the official website of Microsoft employee working on Edge

this link i send vendor. But answer vendor ? "I do not know these sites and I need to see specific and relevant information from a credible source "

I want only disable user level nativemessaging level......

thanx all for answer


@Johannes Goerlich 

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Confirming that the link shared by @HotCakeX ( is a blog by a Microsoft Edge Principal Program Manager (Eric Lawrence / Ericlaw). He often releases blogs to fill gaps in official documentation and is a trusted source for Microsoft information.