PDFs : Hazy text rendering in chromium edge (and file to reproduce this issue for comparison)

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Open this PDF side by side in legacy edge and new edge. Notice how sharp, for example, name of the movie, TENET, is in old version based on Edge HTML. New one renders the text blurry and hazy.


link :


The thread from last month by Microsoft titled 'Roadmap for PDF reader in Microsoft Edge' has nothing to say about this rendering issue - which leaves one of my primary concerns unaddressed, unfortunately. Would like to hear from developers and users on this.


This is central to the way I use this software and it appears to me that this needs to be worked on and treated as a Quality Area.

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@cheeseleader The quality should be a high consideration. Also another consideration might be to use the Edge translator to operate in the pdf, i.e. An translator for pdf, if possible. Just as an suggestion.

@cheeseleader Thanks for bringing this up -- providing a high-quality experience is extremely important to us. Feel free to check out the thread here, where @posinha, a member of our PDF team, is helping troubleshoot this issue.


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@cheeseleader - Thanks for sharing the file where this is happening. We'll add this file to the list we are currently investigating.


Thank you!