No more Chromium updates for macOS 10.12


With the latest builds of Edge, I've started seeing a warning that there will be "no more Chromium updates" for macOS 10.12. First off, that's a bit surprising in an _Edge_ browser, exposing the underlying Chromium policy. Second, is this actually true? Am I going to stop receiving updates to Edge because I'm still stuck on 10.12?


I'd upgrade but my hard drive is failing, to the point that neither the disk repair utility nor upgrades to 10.13 or beyond will even run, both claiming the HD is beyond repair (entirely possible: the most common two failures I've experienced on many Mac machines in this house in the past decade have been either complete HD failures or screen failures -- something that used to be rock solid in Macs in the past).

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I think that it's a virus doing those things. or, it may be... it's a little big to explain
-your Microsoft edge has updated when your's was well and good
-after those problems, even if you had an 8GB ram, it would work as a 4GB ram
-after it have became so serious, the new version you're gonna upgrade cannot work in so less procesess
-so it coudn't do more
did you install edge from the official source?is this just for fun?

It sounds like you replied to someone else's post because nothing in your response seems to apply to what I posted?

Here's the Chromium source file that contains that message:

The message is in all locales.

So this is coming from upstream in Chromium itself.

What I was asking Microsoft here was whether they are planning to phase out updates of **Edge**, which is based on Chromium, for macOS 10.12, or whether they will continue updating it (and, hopefully, remove that message and check now they know about it)?

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In general, we follow Chromium's support for whatever platforms they're on, and both they and us continuously move up the minimum as the overall support for those platforms ends and the number of people using them dwindles. Officially, Sierra is the oldest version we currently support, and Apple ended support for it 3 years ago, so either way you probably shouldn't count on us supporting it indefinitely.
Thanks, @josh_bodner -- that was the guidance I was looking for. A lot of software has been nagging me about my ancient macOS for a long time :)

Work is buying me a new Windows development machine so it's moot. After being an Apple customer for about 30 years, this is my last Apple device -- I've already switched from iPhone to Android (after many iPhones) and my laptop switched from Apple to Windows years ago.