Microsoft Edge Not Properly Using Wide Gamut

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I had tested it out a while ago in Wide Gamut website, I could clearly see the W icon. Today when I tried though I could no longer see it. I tried reinstalling my color profiles from windows but it didn't really help, then I went ahead to check if the problem is with edge or not. When I tested in the Chrome with wide gamut website yet again I could see the W letter clearly. So it's certainly an issue with the edge, how can I fix this? I've tried using the color enhancement setting in the edge settings, and forced colors in edge//flags, to none avail.

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What version of Edge are you using that you're seeing this issue?

Version 100.0.1185.39 (Official build) (64-bit)

Can you see if the same thing happens in Beta or Dev? Also, what's the test site you're using so we can test it ourselves?


I use this website

There was an update for browser today, but didn't really fix anything. I also don't know how to swap over to dev or insider channel, that's that.

Now that version 101 has been released, is this still an issue for you? If it is, and Chrome still works, I'll open a bug on our side for this.
Hello, as of time of writing and version 101, I can confirm that it still is an issue for me. Checked on settings spesifically for version 101, and put both chrome and edge side by side on same monitor. Chrome showed the W within red box meanwhile Edge did not. Cannot upload picture here sadly.
Could you see if this is still an issue on the latest Edge Canary? If it is, can you go to about:gpu and get the logs there? And then also for comparison, do the same thing in Chrome Canary?