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Hi all, Very new to this so please be patient.

The new format is making life extremely difficult for my partner. When logging on to whatever sight, my partner would select start and use the correct tile and click. The start up 'block' would disappear and allow easy access to the sight selected. However, with the new format, my partner needs to 'click' again to remove the start up block which isn't vey compatible with anybody who has 'hand-eye' coordination issues. 

It has taken more than 3 years for my partner to be able to use the laptop and be more independent and connected with the world. The new format is making things frustrating and difficult. 

It might seem trivial to most but when you do not have absolute control over your hands and fingers, typing is a challenge, as is, using a laptop. 

Will somebody bring this issue to the notice of those who need to see it and insist they do something to assist my partner and all the others thousands who might have similar issues. 

Thank you  

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@Deleted thanks for the feedback, I'm sorry that your partner is feeling inconvenienced by some UX issue. As I was trying to repro this issue, I realized I wasn't quite sure what you were seeing. Would it be possible for you to include a screenshot of the new start up block?




I tried to send a screenshot but I received a message that it be delivered! Apparently it was 'sent' numerous times but never received by you.


The 'block' I am talking about is the start up panel with all the tiles on. My partner manages to press start, this brings up the 'start up panel' but it doesn't automatically shut off when they select a tile for a particular webpage. 


Extremely annoying and frustrating because they now have to 'master' the art of a second click to be able to see the whole page before they can do anything. 




@Deleted The screenshot went through that time, thank you! Good news: from an initial glance, it looks like either a bug or a specific setting within the MSFT Edge apps, rather than an unchangeable design. (I know we've seen some Windows issues that were like this.) Luckily @johnjansen is just the person to ask. 


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@Deleted thanks for responding to this one. Yeah, I can see the screenshot now, that's very helpful. After a quick search, I see a few different reports of this behavior. It does indeed look like a regression and is NOT by design. I am unable to repro this on my machine, but we are following up with reports internally to try to determine what is going on.