Corrupt Virtual Machine Image

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Hello everyone, 


I would like to report an issue that I am facing. 

I am downloading a virtual image for Virtual Box from this link:


When opening the image with 7zip I find this error: Unexpected end of data


I tried 6 times now with different images, always with the same result. I do not know what could be the issue,  a slow connection maybe?


Is there any mirror or torrent that I can use? Do you know any possible solution?


Attached you will find a screenshot with the properties of the image, so you can compare it with yours.


Thank you so much :)





It seems that the problem was during the download, I downloaded the file in another computer with a faster connection and problem is solved now. 

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Did you tried the standard Windows Explorer archiver or WinRAR?

Hi and thank you for your answer


I tried and I got the same result, the file must be corrupt Attached the error messages