Loss of Favicons on Microsoft Edge Chromium

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After a Windows 10 update all the favicons for my huge mass of favourites have disappeared - they are replaced by a blank page shape.
I have searched the web but cannot see a fix.
Does anybody know how I can recover ALL of these favicons ? Individual recovery is not an option.
If I use a favourite site the favicon returns - this is no use for the entire list.
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Hey there @Terry9538


Unfortunately the only way to recover the favicons is clicking each favorite to open it. If you could file feedback via the ... menu > Help & Feedback > Send Feedback, and check the box to include diagnostic data, that'll help the team look in to what is causing this. 


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I tried the Feedback, but the screenshot was of this page which has no problem and the diagnostics list did not have favicons listed. Guess I will have to accept their loss. All the favicons are OK on Chrome, it is just Edge that has lost them.