issue/request: make buttons and URL bar follow Fitts' Law when title bar is hidden (vertical tabs)

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For vertical tabs mode, the new "Hide title bar" option is amazing, I just have a request: please make the buttons and the URL bar follow Fitts' Law when the window is maximized! The Minimize/Restore Down/Close buttons DO follow Fitts' Law, which is awesome, but the rest of the buttons don't :(  It just feels wrong that they don't, especially because when vertical tabs mode is off (A.K.A "normal" horizontal tabs), the tabs and buttons DO follow Fitt's Law. Please, please do this!! 

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To date they have not implemented Fitts' law in vertical guides
I already think that won't happen

Making back/forward/refresh follow Fitt's Law makes sense to me, but I'm less keen on extending the clicktarget for the omnibox to the top of the screen, as you can presently double-click in that tiny strip to exit maximized mode, you can drag the space to move the window, etc.

@Eric_Lawrence ya, you're probably right about the omnibox, but these other buttons click target should extend to the top edge of the screen too, not just Back/Forward/Refresh edge fitts law buttons.png