[FIXED] Bug in Edge insider password manager

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Revealed passwords can't be copied.


I noticed this in Version (Official build) canary (64-bit), but not sure if the problem started happening in this version.

what I'm sure is that it used to work on both Google chrome and Edge insider. not being able to copy revealed passwords make it hard to use them on other places when we need to.




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@HotCakeX I've been checking each Edge Dev update to see if copy was working again. It looks like as of version 80.0.345.0, it is working again.

I'm checking on Edge canary Version 80.0.352.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit) and it's still not fixed..
i reveal the password by entering my Windows 10 PIN, after that i can't highlight the revealed password to copy it

I guess I'll be checking next week's update for Dev (if it's the 352 canary version) to see what it does for me. I know I went probably a month of two not being able to copy passwords. Now it's working on this version (345).

On Canary 352, after revealing password and double clicking on it, the password is highlighted ?
put your mouse cursor at the middle of the password, then double click.

Well, here's something. I still have Edge Dev version 80.0.345.0 and I said how I was able to highlight the password on that version. Now I can't highlight it any longer. And it's after I installed the latest Windows 10 build 19037. When I had 19035 installed with this Edge Dev version, I could highlight the passwords, but with 19037, I can't.

I think it was probably build 19033 that this happened during instead of 19035, since I didn't install 19035 until 12/5/2019, a day after I made the comments above.
So it's actually also affected by the Windows insider builds..

I just installed Windows 10 build 19041 and also just got version 80.0.355.1 of Microsoft Edge Dev and I cannot select any password to copy.

Sadly no one informs us whether this bug is being tracked or not..

Since the Edge Canary/Dev browser and the Google Chrome browser both use the Chromium browser engine, you would think that they would both function similarly. In the case of the Chrome browser, I'm able to select and copy passwords, even when it seems like some Windows 10 builds and Edge versions don't necessarily jive together all the time.

Yeah, the thing is both Chrome and Edge use the same source but each company appies their own proprietary customizations to their browsers so that's probably why there are differences :)

I downloaded the public release of Microsoft Edge (Version 79.0.309.65) that is available today and I'm able to copy passwords with it. I still can't copy with the current  Edge Dev version I have. I'm not sure that's always been the case though because sometimes I've seen the copy work, but most of the time it doesn't.

I can't highlight a revealed password if i try to select it from the middle

After trying a few things, here's how you can highlight a password. Whenever you move the mouse cursor over a Username or Password, you'll notice the cursor changes from an arrow to an I-beam, which is normal.


What doesn't work correctly is when you try to highlight the Password while the cursor is an I-beam. This doesn't work for whatever reason. You can highlight a Username whether the cursor is an arrow or an I-beam, but not a Password. You can only highlight a Password when the cursor is an arrow. You can select any part of a password. You just have to make sure the cursor is an arrow.

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Fixed in Microsoft Edge Version 83.0.470.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)


see now a white rectangle appears around the password

and I can select any character from my password





Yes, working for me on Dev version 83.0.467.0.