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Please add PDF options from the old Edge and also night mode for the same.

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Thank you @varadkulk.  Which PDF options are you missing most?

@Elliot Kirk Page view and smooth animations are missing

@varadkulk, thank you.  I will let the PDF team know about your feedback.

Hi @Elliot Kirk, the highlighting/drawing tools especially, but basically what is available in the original Edge.


But if you're asking for a wish list, definitely adding bookmarks to PDFs! 

@Elliot Kirk I'd like to have a top bar similar to onenote's (when in full-screen mode)

I mostly really miss chapter markings and epub support.

@Elliot Kirk 


There are huge amounts of complaints about the missing PDF features of this future release such as note taking and export to endnote... I believe that one of the biggest strengths of edge browse was that, NOTE TAKING, even though Im confident that the edge capabilities to take notes can be improved 100% such as allowing to take notes outside the boundaries of the pdf.


I just downloaded the dev version of chromium and finding the same simple and useless pdf viewer of google chrome and a copy paste from google chrome bah, immediately uninstalled it, I dont need another heavy, slow and nasty google chrome with different name. PDF and note taking option is the biggest strength of your browser and the only reason to use microsoft edge.


Second, i would like to know if i can use my google account with edge chromium. I have no interest mirroing my private information with another company... enough with google vampires, or is microsoft going to implement better privacy policies than google? 


Thank you for listening and i really hope to see in the near future that you really did.



@Elliot KirkI hope you guys don't launch without at least the PDF features from the old Edge present because it will cause issues for people relying on it. Especially since Microsoft discontinued the older PDF Reader app in favor of the old Edge. 

Inking, text highlighting and all of those features, including saving the changes back to the PDF file. Also the basic ebook reader functionality.

@KarelDonk We have heard the feedback on getting some more PDF features moved over to the new Edge, but Microsoft has ended support for epub as a format in all browsers.  There are browser extensions that will allow you to read content in the .epub format, that are available for both the current version and the next version of Microsoft Edge.  Thanks - Elliot

@Elliot Kirk Please bring back feature to save current reading position in pdf file between sessions.