Edge Canary padding problem

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Hello there!

I am not sure if this is a known bug or some setting on my browser, but with the current version

Version 96.0.1038.0 (Offizielles Build) canary (64-Bit)
I have strange padding problems with tables - see those screenshots taken from w3schools (HTML Tables (w3schools.com))
edge canary:

regular edge brwoser:


it seems that the padding is ignored.

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@cwnessus for me it is the same.


But even more worse are some icons or pictures are somehow resized/stretched. For example if you logon to https://portal.azure.com look at the links with icons below:


With the current Edge Beta version or any other browser everything is fine:




or the icons on the top right - also fine





here the same sections with Edge Canary version:






Something is messed up here ...



@SaschaSchmatz I'm seeing this too.  Happens on freeagent, the padding on the tables is measured in rem but doesn't seem to be applying.



Same issue on my end, just started recently with a number of websites I use:


This is how the website looks on normal Edge and how it's supposed to look:




And here's how it looks on Canary:




Not sure what the issue is but I've tried things like clearing history/cookies and nothing seems to help.

Yeah same here, I figure out this first on images: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/discussions/images-are-with-strange-positioning-and-scaling-c...

But tables and other elements are also "weird".
There is indeed a problem with the layout on some sites since the latest versions of Canary
I also had a topic
Also seeing this issue when using the Azure Portal in Canary :(

Hey everyone!


This is a known issue and the team is looking into it. I've shared this thread along with the others around this with the team as they investigate. I'll post here if we need additional information to help them look into this, but for now, thank you for reporting this and for your patience!


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You may need to reset MS edge in cloud, First need to export your favorite then reset sync and syn again.

With the newest Canary build 96.0.1043.0 the problem is now resolved on my side :) 

Same. All good now :thumbs_up:
Also confirming the latest update resolved this issue for me, thanks!