Edge Block Cookies Problem

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Ugh...Edge seems to keep importing from IE the configuration of which sites to block cookies from. I have loads of sites I blocked cookies from in IE. I don't need that list in Edge. Twice, I've spent the time to delete the list by hitting each trash can for each site one at a time. Extremely painful!




1) Why is Edge doing this?

2) Is there a faster/easier way to clear that list?



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Ugh!! They just came back again! At the same time, the Appearance setting changed. Strangely, this happened when I opened techcommunity.microsoft.com.


Please...can someone tell me why Edge is not retaining my configuration and keeps adding all those blocked sites from IE? So frustrating!



Sheesh! Happened again, this time on a different computer!  :facepalm: :cry:


I was reading an Bing article on MSN in Internet Explorer which had a link to at tweet on Twitter. When I clicked on the link, it threw me over to Edge and opened a new tab. I knew immediately something bad had happened because the theme switched back from dark to light. When I checked cookie definitions, the previously empty block list was imported over from IE.


Edge devs...are any of you here? Can you tell me why Edge is doing this? Also, please add a more effective way of deleting those entries...like check boxes with a select all.


Thank you.