Bottom Download bar lag 4-5sec

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See the green progress bar in the edge icon has already started but download bar is not appearing yet there is aleast 4-5 sec lag which is not tolerable(400-500ms is OK).

To reproduce this lag try downloading a file from OneDrive/Google Drive with a bunch of tabs.

(*I have not closed the downloads bar)

(*In built gamebar doesnot record the taskbar and I donot want to waste time in installing a screen recorder because it is very easy to reproduce)


Screenshot (17).png

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Which Edge insider channel are you using?

@Maan2003 Thanks for letting us know. Can you also please let us know if this happens for you in Chrome on their Dev or Canary channel? 


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@HotCakeX canary (81.0.377.0)


@Deleted not in chrome canary 81.0.4013.0


Is this intentional/bug see below(not a mouse hover)


It might be because when you download something from Google drive, you can't see the size of the file you are downloading, it just shows how much is downloaded.


Nope,Same with OneDrive.and in Onedrive Browser knows the file size

If it is Google Drive problem then why not in chrome canary.

Screenshot (22).png

It's not about the browser.
If I put the download link of my file in Google drive into my download manager like IDM or Jdownloader, the size is not shown initially.


1. This bugs comes with canary 377 update when try to open a downloaded file.

No way to fix it except closing the downloads bar.


2. Please add a delete button for completed downloads in download bar to replace the disabled cancel button.

Would really help to keep the downloads folder clean.



I am not talking about download size.

Edge's download bar shows up late.

Chrome's download bar is alright

*On the both One Drive(shows download size) and Google Drive(doesnot show download size)

I know you're not talking about download size.
I'm saying that the reason for that lag could be that the downloader inside browser doesn't initially know the full size of the file being downloaded.

@HotCakeX Ok then lets forget about Google Drive and talk about One Drive

Browser knows the size of download when downloading from One Drive then why there is a lag when downloading from Onedrive

Screenshot (23).png


I can't seem to be able to reproduce that bug..

I just tried downloading a ~20MB zip file from my OneDrive and everything is normal on the download bar at the bottom








no weird auto highlight or anything.

also i kept my eye on the Edge canary icon on taskbar, it was correctly reflecting the download progress.

Version 81.0.378.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)

I noticed in your first screenshot that you have a pending Windows update if i'm right, try installing it maybe it fixed it for you

@HotCakeX How many tabs have you opened

it could be due to me having only 4GB ram

I had 3 tabs open (including settings page)
I have to mention though I got 16GB RAM (4 years old PC) but I also have a 10 years old laptop with 4GB RAM and it has Edge canary installed, maybe i'll try the same thing on it and report back the results


May be could be due to windows update.

But I could not update windows I am on metered connection (huge 3.18GB and that too in India)

Have you tried it with Google Drive

I just uploaded the same file to my Google drive, the results were the same except for the taskbar icon.
as expected, instead of a steady loading bar, it had a green waving effect because the size of the file remained unknown until the last moment when download is finished.


Ok then, I will have to reinstall edge canary.

I will inform if the issue persists (Edge Grammar tools helped me to figure out the correct spelling)